The Many Things That Went Right

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written during a worrying illness

The many things that went right with my life
said “remember us, the thousands of daily
things that went smoothly and without a fuss
while you gaily got on with life, giving
hardly a thought to our constant hard work
that gifted you with an easy living?”

and I said “yes, I remember you, though
I’m sure I’ll never know the extent of
your magnificent input over so
many years, how well things went and how you
saved me from a lot of tears. So I say
a big hearty “thank you” in gratitude –
forgive me if I’ve seemed a little rude”

the many things that went right with my life
replied “and that doesn’t even include
the everyday miraculous workings
of your bodily functioning, et al
you just whinge when some little pain appears
conveniently forgetting that it
was principally produced by your own fears
and other like feelings of guilt and shame
for which you of course are responsible
though of course for which no-one is to blame”

and I replied “oh yes I will accept
that all you say is undoubtedly true …
gratitude and appreciation are
certainly in order, and I can view
all this as the general substance of
the stuff of life for which I must take note”

and the many things that went right replied
“lest you forget, read daily what you just wrote”.

© Joshua Bond 2014



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