T.V Turn Around

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The media told such dreadful lies
it made you gasp and stretch your eyes
‘September skies eleven pies’
the media gobbed amazing lies

and then one day the many folk
saw through this ancient lying yoke
which kept them tethered on a rope
and limited their sense of hope

so glimpsing truth the many viewers
threw their T.Vs down the sewers
said “we’ll be no longer skewered
for we’re the shakers and the movers”

the media barons apoplexed
became extremely very vexed
said “bloody viewers got us hexed
with no T’Vs – whatever next?”

but those in power said “it’s time
to beat those peasants back in line
to have no telly’s now a crime
for which they’ll pay a hefty fine”

but folk just laughed and turned away
said “silly rulers – go and play …
for now’s the time we’ll have our say
your tyrant-rule will end today”

and though the tyrants kicked and screamed
the masses were no longer memed …
whatever happens next, we’ll see
for we create our destiny.


© Joshua Bond 2016

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