Spontaneous Protection

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Sometimes I envy the earth –
its times of light and dark
of dawn and dusk
come predictably – on cue.
I can be prepared
stoking up the fire on an Autumn night
watering the veg early on a Summer’s day

but cycles of inner light and dark
dawns and dusks of the heart –
they are unpredictable
coming like a thief in the night … or day
catching you unawares … tearing you apart

which I suppose is the test …
not to be thrown by a sudden spark of light
or an unexpected plunging into despair

it’s at these times something arises spontaneously –
a plea, an acceptance, a resolve, an “aha!”
teaching … what is truly prayer

and when the cry surfaces from so deeply inside
you know for sure that external circumstances
can’t take you for a ride.


© Joshua Bond 2016

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