Sensitive Types

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I’m the sensitive type –
press gently on my buttons
lift the lid carefully on my heart
and don’t probe too deeply into my past …
it hurts

if I’m spiky, it’s because
the world wants me to toughen up
and I’m not very good at it
if I squeal with delight
it’s because you tapped into
one of my childhood fantasies
if I take fright, run and hide
it’s because I’m trying to cope
with cognitive dissonance

I can spot an unkind person
at 500 metres distance
and I can feel the lies
of the war machine
even before our leaders puppet their lips

when we wake up to what’s really going on
to what’s really true
the sensitive types will yawn
smile knowingly
and say “yeah … déja vu”.


© Joshua Bond 2016

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