Raindrops and Shadows

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When raindrops hit the earth
their shadows split into a thousand pieces
spreading the message “all is well”
but people don’t trust shadows
and target the smaller ones as irrelevant
nuisances, the larger ones to be killed off.
The raindrops water the ground
and wonder why their twins are distrusted –
so coming in greater amounts
they flood the earth.
This time
their shadows are taken more seriously
but their message “all is well”
is scientifically abstracted
academically deconstructed
and politically castrated
until there is nothing left except
a silent whisper.
Even so, the biggest
machine ever assembled can’t stand it
and in its bullying fury fires the most vile weapons
at random to kill off the last remaining bit.
The world fills with tears
of women and children, men too, and
though traumatised
the tears drop shadows to the ground
which split into a thousand pieces and
continue the message “all is well”.
The military machine calls for help
from the further reaches of hell and religion
fires its vaporising guns in a massive salvo …
the official result is drop-boxed
directly into people’s minds, daily,
to try and ram home the soulless system message
but every time anyone cries and raindrop tears
fall to the ground, their shadows split
into a thousand pieces and carry forth
the impossible-sounding message –  “all is well”.


© Joshua Bond 2017

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