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I listened to my inner space
its voice was really quiet
“I’m suffocating, squashed in here
I’m going to cause a riot”

I said “I hear .. I feel your pain
not sure what I should do …”
the voice replied “it’s radical
adopt a different view”

and I replied “there’s loads of views
which I could choose as ours –
so how on earth can I discern
the one that gives us power?”

my inner space said “practice, friend
the art of breaking through
to fail is human by design
it’s part of being you”

“you mean I’m free to fail a lot
no guilt and no remorse
and trust the outcome is o.k …?”
the voice replied “of course

no slavery to ‘right-first-time’
you’re free to let life be
along with all the human race …
for life is powered free”.


© Joshua Bond 2016

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