Origami People

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Take a beautiful piece of paper with soft
wavy edges, created as an original
it its own style of perfection

and guillotine it
into a perfect square, dispensing
with the non-linear off-cuts

take the square, neatly prepared
to fit the system of tick-boxes and
iron it flat with vaccinations

Great! Now it’s ready to be folded by education.
Crease it across both diagonals and
open it out again, crease it again

in half, twice, open out, and then a third time
with all four corners to the middle and back.
This psycho-process completes pre-school

Choose from one of the ten shapes in the
Instruction Book of Compliance.
Now for that clever bending sequence …

keep folding, back-folding, tucking
plus on occasion creasing extra-hard with
the edge of a sharp knife. Examine if it looks like

the picture in the book. Yes? What fun! Another
left-brained follow-orders origami paper-person done. Please
crap on graduation day. Education is now complete.

Sprinkle it with sticky chem-trails and display prominently
to the envy of friends and neighbours.
Take bets on how long it will last.

If it’s one of those smart-arses that starts to unravel
in search of its original state, re-crease it with a mallet
but not too much – it spoils the outer appearance

Eventually, when it begins to look worn out
don’t be sentimental. Just throw it in the bin
grab another original piece of paper, get out your guillotine

and repeat the process.

© Joshua Bond 2016


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