About the Inner Journey Project

Dedicated to the Solo System and to those who travel on the inner journey


The Inner Journey Project exists to inspire you to trust your internal experience as a guide and natural source for personal transformation. It provides nourishment for the sustainable growth of ordinary people who can‘t wait to live a more authentic life.

Why? Because it makes your world a better place and ours too. The more we manage to make our inner world a better place, the better the whole world can be for all.

Our mission is to make the inner world more accessible


The inner journey is a lonely venture by nature. Inner guidance is the only reliable source of intelligence to direct us on this journey. What we call ‘inner guidance’ can come from different Faculties of our own Consciousness, including Intuition, Instinct, Inspiration and Imagination.

All Faculties of your Consciousness contribute to your internal experience. The challenge is to interpret their impulses correctly and to translate them into authentic and reliable messages. This cannot be achieved via the Intellect alone.


The Inner Journey Project is a virtual Oasis where you can learn more about the natural functions of all Faculties of human Consciousness. The better you can communicate with them the easier it is to use your internal experience as your personal and most reliable source of information.

Your internal experience enables you to navigate through life, find your own answers to all deeper questions, discover your purpose, activate dormant potential, etc.

In other words, instead of being puzzled by it as a random series of arbitrary events, you can learn to decipher your internal experience and use it on the inner journey as a kind of personal identification code.


At the Inner Journey Project you can also meet fellow travellers, share authentic experiences from your own travels and pick up what you need from the resources we offer:

  • The weekly Blog with high quality articles on specific aspects and common challenges of the inner journey.
  • Audio versions of the blogposts, delivered to our subscribers each week.
  • Inner workout exercises, designed specifically for each article on the blog and available exclusively to subscribers of the Inner Journey Project newsletter.
  • The Initiation to the Inner Journey, a free eBook introducing The Solo System (you can get it by entering your email address at the top of this page).
  • Excerpts from The Solo System, a growing series of reference books and workbooks for inner journey travellers.
  • The Dictionary of Self-Knowledge Management, a useful glossary of terms related to the Solo System and the Blog articles.
  • The opportunity to add your voice below each blogpost.

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