Gratefully On My Way

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This isn’t an excuse, it’s just what happened …
the sun rose, traversed high-noon for a short while
and then began its slow decline, setting all the way –

about an hour before it hit the horizon
it faltered, as if grappling with some decision …
then suddenly hurled itself into the night

with such force and momentum it never stopped
impounding time until it clearly came round again and
was seen calmly rising with a new kind of confidence

I marvelled how it had managed to stay on track
all through the long night and then re-emerge
with such pin-point accuracy at the dawn of a new day.

Leaving aside the question “how in the hell did that happen …?”
I categorised “death” and “resurrection”
as in the box “mystery” – and gratefully went on my way.


© Joshua Bond 2016

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