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What can I say? The world is flat but no-one believes me any more …
there is this fashionable idea going round that the earth is
spherical and it is gaining much in popularity
I feel as if I am fighting a rear-guard action as members of my congregation are
dwindling. The world is spherical! – good heavens –
what on earth is the world coming to?

the time of the crazy people is on the increase
selling their wares with drugged enthusiasm …
I stand there on the street walking up and down
up and down with a bill-board hanging on my shoulders
proclaiming the earth is flat, chalked
in large easy-to-read writing front and back
so everyone has the opportunity to read it carefully
and understand this obvious truth. A policeman
questions me saying I don’t have a licence
for this kind of thing but he’ll let me go this time
as long as I keep moving

my congregation has deserted me. I
am on my own – the lone nutter from a bygone era
my glory days are over and I have to reinvent myself
for modern times. So I dispense with the bill-board
and relaunch The Flat Earth Congregation
with a web-site and Face-Book page …
Our group is small but we do real stuff.
We read poetry in extreme ways to catch people’s
attention – whilst paragliding, whilst hanging upside
down from a tall building, or painting our faces like clowns
bursting into restaurants and reading poetry
in chorus. Some people’s dinners are ruined
others are validated

Whenever people get bored with the idea
that the earth is spherical, they will return
to the old ways again because, basically
it works and is sustainable. I remember
reading poetry in Greek times in an
open-air theatre with a full moon
behind me, noting that it appeared
to be round and thinking … one day
in the future someone will suggest
the earth too is round and crazy people
will start to believe it. When poetry has
its proper place in society, the earth is always flat

that’s not the end of it though; it’s a journey –
people think that 2-dimensional flat
is inferior to 3-dimensional spherical but
they’re wrong – it’s the other way round.
Progress in consciousness
will eventually lead us to 1-dimensional line
where poetry converts into sound
and finally to 0-dimensional point-in-space
where sound converts into light. Here
the earth is just a blue dot – the zero-point of
all possibilities.

© Joshua Bond 2016



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