Even Pawns

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And this is what we said when the
inner world felt all stifled, dead
“let’s breathe some truth and get fresh air
whilst stuck inside is all despair”

you rise up and walk, pacing slow
and begging the silence to talk
recall some past and ancient day
when forbidden to have your say

you stood tight-lipped biting your tongue
whilst others pulled rank, reciting
the book their fathers taught them and
you’re persuaded “I ought too, then?”

decades later it dawns quite clear
was a sad game for discarded pawns
whilst queens, bishops, castles and rooks
did impressive moves from tradition’s books

but when one day they fall away
you’ll think “I stalled my life for that?” …
you choose again no matter what
find riches even pawns have got

and though the aching question hits
“why did I wait so long for this?”
you know the truth – it all takes time –
flips only when you cross the line.


© Joshua Bond 2016

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