Duality’s Journey

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… and Adam said “like that idea
in Paradise nothing’s to fear”
so both of them ate
and God said “that’s great
they now must evolve up from here”

took millions of years to then figure
for consciousness growing much bigger
the dark and the light
are consumed as a right
when dark is the one that’s the trigger

and triggering all that is true
promotes your ancestral review
the journey to One
surprisingly’s fun
accepting the negative’s stew

acceptance will open a door
to gift you with more what is yours
awareness will grow
in only what’s so
that you’re an effect and a cause

and this is how we all evolve
we’ve negatives daily to solve
the negative gift
holds issues to shift
which draw on our simple resolve

and slowly dualities end
transformed by a life on the mend
the Love that is all
reveals its own call
in messages every day sends.


© Joshua Bond 2016

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