A Little Perturbed

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Of all the free goats in the mindless old herd the scape-goat’s the one who is mostly unheard whatever she says it’s “off with her head!” though some are a little perturbed and when the free goat is finally dead the herd is concerned just how they’ll be fed and looking all vexed they spy who’ll be next and load …

T.V Turn Around

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The media told such dreadful lies it made you gasp and stretch your eyes ‘September skies eleven pies’ the media gobbed amazing lies and then one day the many folk saw through this ancient lying yoke which kept them tethered on a rope and limited their sense of hope so glimpsing truth the many viewers threw their T.Vs down the …

A Life Together

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We crossed the river and back it took us by surprise the torrent’s force was cleaned by outing all the lies We crossed the river and back and no expense was spared the nights were fully paid the days were not as feared We crossed the river and back amazed that we returned as many truths swam free and falsity …

PC Confusion

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Coloured, black, white, sky-blue-pink aussie, kiwi, limey, yank and chink enabled, disabled, pre-enabled, able bi-lateral, trilateral, lies on the table L-B-G&T, A-B-musicCD, M-N-O-P, 42, 1-in-3 inclusive, exclusive, reclusive, me-me-me diversity, polarity, perversity, equality labour, conservative, green, nobility fracking the future, re-writing the past policing all language, the first will be last.   © Joshua Bond 2016

A Question Of Definition

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He said he called a spade a spade but ‘facts’ can vary quite a lot since definitions can be vague and as the arguments are weighed the truth is often hard to spot he said he called a spade a spade consider laws and how they’re made which lawyers twist, then leave to rot since definitions can be vague and …

Pilgrim’s Blessing

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May your cascade of failures reach the sky May you ask for grace to eat humble pie May the stars still shine in the darkest night And moons lift your moods on a tide of light May the bread you eat fulfil your dreams And fire burn away what never has been With the water of life to wash you …

Finally Blessed

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I keep looking at my watch that isn’t there checking how much the world has changed … gadgets have moved on at an unholy pace but basic desires have remained the same all this took me to a Friday shop where everything was won…, or lost – everyone talked about value-for-money but were battered into compromise…, by the costs in …

Guru Oh-My-Goshi

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The guru came from far away which made him more exotic with flowing robes and wizened face his name was Oh-My-Goshi he wore a really fearsome beard which made him look despotic but kindly words assuaged all fears his name was Oh-My-Goshi and some thought answers that he gave were vague and wishy-washy but others thought him all the rage …

The Day War Quit

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One very ordinary Wednesday afternoon about tea-time, war quit. The weapons manufacturers and others who profited from war said “What?!? Holy shit, after all these millennia, you can’t just quit. This is the game of fame and fortune, of heroes and tragedies, queer strategies for victory, winners and losers, the economic powerhouse of the entire world the excuse for madness, …

Spontaneous Protection

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Sometimes I envy the earth – its times of light and dark of dawn and dusk come predictably – on cue. I can be prepared stoking up the fire on an Autumn night watering the veg early on a Summer’s day but cycles of inner light and dark dawns and dusks of the heart – they are unpredictable coming like …