An Attempted Cover-Up

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I spread my envy thinly
like scraped marmite on midnight toast
hoping to disguise its presence –
naturally I fail, and it oozes out
dropping at the feet of vastly superior poets …
Dickinson, Plath, Oliver, Hirschfield, Fulton, Anon
and that’s just the women

The kettle boils. I grab it tightly
pour scalding water roughly into the teapot
splashing surplus on my granite top

Whilst the tea brews I test the joints in my sore elbows
and consider digging them into the ribs
of a random passer-by. The YogiTea® concoction
I tip out into my chipped cup
promises to alleviate envy
and soothe the mind of jealousy –
I sip it slowly and decide eventually
to adjust my heart to a different frequency.


© Joshua Bond 2017

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  1. Anjuli

    I like this very much. Its a tricky one with envy. I like the images that allow me to see into your kitchen and into your experience! Thank you!

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