About Us

Veronika Portrait

Veronika Bond is the author of The Solo System and co-founder of the Inner Journey Project.

Born in 1955 to German parents, Veronika grew up in the Middle East. Coming from a family of social activists and spiritual seekers, the inner journey has always played a prominent part in her life. Veronika spent the first 40 years of her life searching for a home in various cultures and countries and eventually found what she was looking for within herself.

After studying linguistics and classical homoeopathy Veronika translated many books, ranging from political novels by Lebanese authors to non-fiction reference works in the field of complementary medicine.

Between 1977 and 1987 she became the mother of 3 creative and courageous children who continue to be a source of inspiration. The experience of various tragedies and a profound personal crisis became major catalysts for her spiritual journey. The question of how our subjective experience shapes human life emerged as the central focus of her work.

Over the past 17 years Veronika has spent much of her time writing, thinking, reading, researching and in deep conversation with Josh, her husband and travelling companion on the inner journey. They currently live in a 200 year old stone house surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.

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Joshua Portrait

Joshua Bond is the ‘voice’ and co-founder of the Inner Journey Project and editor of The Solo System.

Born in 1956 in Manchester, UK, Josh spent much of his childhood in boarding school where it was impressed upon him to make a significant contribution to the world in honour of the war dead. By the time he was launched into adulthood he had learned two things: (1) Failure was not an option, and (2) Success was unspiritual.

Fortunately help was at hand to resolve this conundrum. It came in the form of an almost obsessive attraction to the inner journey and the search for authentic and meaningful living.

In the background of this search has been a diverse career encompassing engineering, academia, writing a Ph.D, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society, inventing unique hand-weaving looms, and training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Josh has also been a stay-at-home-parent for his 2 children for some years, has edited a couple of books in business & professional ethics, is a prolific poet on the theme of the inner journey, and occasionally builds geodesic structures.

In 1997 Josh met Veronika, and they have happily journeyed together ever since.

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